Turbin Ventilator
The Right Solution and save space for freshness. Can be used for Factory, Home Industries etc that serves to suck hot air and dust from the room. Does not require electrical power, maintenance free and work 24 hours.

There are many kinds of sizes
We only sell Turbine Ventilator with international quality yet price competitive with other local ventilator.
Quality materials and precision are other things that can not be found on the brand - other brands, because without these two advantages, turbine ventilator merely "aluminum ball" that rotates without having a real function other than as a garnish sweetener interesting roof.

Why Kiencier Necessary?
1. It has been proven able to cope with the heat, stuffy and dirty from the room, reducing humidity.
2. Free electricity costs (operational free)
3. Free of charge maintenance (Maintenance free)
4. Strong and lightweight
5. No rust, no noisy
6. Make the room more comfortable working (normal air circulation / feasible) so as to increase employee productivity.
7. Suitable for various types of roofing applications.

How does the Kiencier
Turbine Ventilator will spin only with weak winds though, but also able to withstand high winds. Automatic rotation of Turbine Ventilator also due to the difference in air pressure inside and outside the room, where a natural hot air inside and outside the room will drain and squeeze out through the fins - fin turbine and make Turbine Ventilator Automatic spinning. Thus there is no wind or Kiencier Turbine Ventilator will always revolve suck hot air in the room.

Ventilator is quite effective removing the heat from the ceiling. Ventilator works with wind power. "The turbine rotate and make the air in the room is sucked out. Automatic rotating turbine due to a boost from the outside air (which is heavier) to heat (a lighter) in through the vertical fins.
Fins it will continue to spin even though very little wind. Model fins are formed in such a way also prevent the entry of rainwater.
Installation of ventilators could follow the slope of the roof up to 45 degrees. Ideally, the placement is higher than the peak of the roof of the house in order to move freely reach the wind turbine. Just because all the roof tops are given a coating of cement, the installation can be a little to the bottom where you can open the roof.
Before installed first conducted a survey of the home position (for example, whether or not the neighboring wall blocked), and the size of the space that will be installed turbines. When the wall is higher than the roof of the neighboring house, will be made chimney ventilator that allows a higher position. Prices include the cost of installation with a 10 year warranty and maintenance free.

we provide a variety of sizes

- TV 18 DA (18 ", pipe size 450 mm) small
- TV 24 DA (24 ", pipe size 600 mm) standard
- TV 30 DA (30 ", Size 750 mm pipe) Large
- TV 36 DA (36 ", pipe size 900 mm) Xtra Large
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