VDC Series
The VDC series range of rectangular centrifugal duct fan comprises of seven nominal model sizes 100, 125, 150, 160, 200,250 and 315mm respectively. All models incorporate single phase asynchronous induction motor rated at 220V/50Hz.
Air volume performance ranges from 240 up to 1500 m3/h.

- this fan is directly connected to the duct with its inlet and outlet
- The insulation resistance test should be conducted if the fans are kept at the warehouse for more than half a year before operation. The resistance should be over 20M(?). Rotate the impeller by hand before operation and check its flexibility to make sure no bump or block.
Connect to power source and make impeller and motor working to observe
a. its direction of rotation should correspond to that of the arrow on the label
b. if there's overheat,abnormal noise, the impeller gradually running slow
if not, it approves to operate in normal condition

For durable purpose, the filter and back draft damper are recommended to fix in the inlet.Download PDF