VCI Series
Inline centrifugal duct fan
Inline rectangular duct fan - VCI series

- Casing
The fan casing are manufactured from heavy gauge galvanized sheet steel. All models incorporate and inspection cover that can be removed to access the motor/impeller assembly without having to remove the complete casing from the ducting.

- Impeller
all models incorporate direct-drive low pressure forward curved centrifugal impellers. The impeller is factory matched to the motor and complete assembly is dynamically balanced 1940 standards.

- Motors
all models incorporate asynchronous induction motors in die cast aluminum. The following specification apply.
single phase 220V 50Hz, three phase 220V/380V 50Hz
IP55 protection
Class F insulation
Remote terminal box

The VCI series range of centrifugal low pressure fans are specifically designed to be installed within rectangular duct ventilation system or where the space for installation is limited. the range comprises of eight normal model size.
The range is available with single phase 220V 50hz motors and three phase 380 50Hz motors 4,6,and 8 pole speeds.
Air performance ranges from 1.090 up to 10.850m3/h.
All models suitable for mounting in any orientation and operation within ambient air temperatures between -45 degrees celcius up to +70 degrees celcius.
The VCI series range are suitable for many general ventilation application where the fan is required to be installed within a rectangular duct ventilation system or where the space for installation is limited. Due to the configuration of the design the dimension of the fan section would be no greater than that of proposed nominal ducting
Typical installation would be include :
- Commercial office air extract/supply
- Car park supply air
- Restaurant
- and installation where the mounting space is limited or confinedDownload PDF