Exhaust Fan Extra Strong
Fixed Blades Axial Flow Fans
Forcefull plate mounted Exhaust Fan - VGH/VGTH Series

Application :
The VGH /VGTH range are designed to be installed directly into walls,ceilings or panels and are suitable for use within a wide range of general ventilation applications such as industrial premises, agricultural applications, warehouses, car parks, workshop, refrigerator equipment,air conditioning units,etc

The VGH /VGTH series range of forceful plate mounted axial fans consists of six normal diameters : 300, 350,400,450,500 and 600mm respectively
Air volume performances ranges from 1800 up to 11760 m3/hr

The motor and fan impeller are firmly supported within the mounting plate by a strong steel support frame
All models incorporate a four blades impeller manufactured from galvanized steel sheet and finished with epoxy paint. The impellers are factory matched and balanced onto he corresponding motors.

The VGH series incorporate single phase shaded pole asynchronous induction motors, with electrical supply 220v/50Hz
The VGTH series incorporate three phase asynchronous induction motors with electrical supply 380V/50 HzDownload PDF