VPC-A Series
Domestic ceiling mounted fans
Axial ceiling mounted extractors - VPC-A Series

The VPC-A series, faceplates are made of imported precision molds and excellent injection processes. Best Materials for motor insulation are used along with the sophisticate baking finish process.
The optimized six blades design makes the air volume larger and the fanning stronger, the eunique balance check for low vibration and the high precision balance control ensure the most effective control of the vibration and the noise.
Motors are equiped with automatic protection for overheating.
The VPC-A series are suitable for larger domestic application such as the ventilation of toilet, bathroom, diningroom, living room, bed room, and many other.

- according to the size of figure below, make a wooden frame then fix it on the ceiling. Put the fan housing into the wooden frame and fix it firmly with 4 screws as provided. Hold two springs which on the louver and push them inside two holes in the fan housing then loose it. cover the louver slightly.
- Do not install the fan in place which temperature is over 40 degrees celcius
- Do not install the fan where it would be exposed to direct water splash
- When install the fan in the ceiling, the distance should be above 15cm from ceiling to roof
- This fan should be installed above 2.3m from the floor
- When connect with the charging line, all polarity switch that contact gap is 3mm at least must be intalled in the charging lineDownload PDF