VFCD Series
The VFCD series range of double inlets belt drive cabinet fans offer of wide range air flow and dtatic pressure development performances.
These series are suitable for many general ventilation applications where precise continous volume flow rates are required
Typical applications include :
- commercial offices
- public building
- restaurant
- commercial and industrial kitchen

The fan casing are manufactured from heavy gauge galvanized sheet steel with double thickness side panels. All panels are internally lined with high density acoustic insulation.
The impeller of VFCD series has forward curved blades manufactured from high quality galvanized sheet steel,all impeller are statically and dynamically balanced to ISO 1940 standards to ensure vibration free running

- Perforamnce Curves
Fan selection example for VFCD series
required volume : 2500 m3/h
Total pressure : 30mmWG

with required volume and static pressure values calculated we trace along the horizontal (against pressure value) and vertical (against volume) to the point of intersection as shown. This intersection point lies on the projected fan curve (green line) with the speed (rpm)of 1310 and motor power of 0.75kw (power vurve in dashed red-motor power curve always to right of fan curve)
From this point we can also approximate the sound power level as being 55dB(A) as it lies between the blue lines of 51dB(A) and 56dB(A)
The resulting model would have the reference VFCD-225-0.75KW (1300 rpm) where :
- Motor power :0.75 KW
- Speed :1310 rpm
- Sound pressure level @1,5m :55 dB(A)
- Air velocity at discharge :9m/s
- Dynamic pressure :4.8 mmWGDownload PDF