Performance Curve for Axial Fan
The industrial blower consists of special multi-hole fiber paper wet curtain, water circulatory system and axial flow blower. The wet curtain and the blower are installed on the opposite walls of the enclosed room respectively.
The operation principle of the whole unit is : when the blower operates, the negative pressure is formed inside, the outside unsaturated air is sucked to get through the surface of the wet multi-hole fiber paper curtain and cooled itself continuously due to evaporation resulted in lot of water
The industrial blower is an ideal cooling system with its advantage in one-time investment and low operation cost (operation cost is only 10% of air conditioning unit)

Axial - flow blower
The casings are manufactured from customized zinc plating sheet steel (powder coating or anti-corrosion painting and various color are available) and incorporate with an automatic louver shutter fitted to the discharge side and protection net on the inlet side

the impellers have been manufactured from aluminium and magnesium alloy, six piece blade with an automatic design,large air volume and low noise

The blower incorporates asynchronous induction motor with high quality ball rolling bearing and auto over heated protecting material, long time adaptable to the tough environment,meeting IP55 standard, F insulation class, and V type belt with easily adjust for tightness and slackness by regulating in the adjustable bolt in one sude of the inlet

Cooling wet curtain
Made of space combination of special macromolecule material and wood fiber molecule,agglutinated with waterproof and endurable adhesive; with enough wet strength, high water absorption, large evaporating surface and lower loss and purifying the exchanged air; the cooling ability of wet curtain depends on the temperature difference of the dry and wet bulb and the efficiency of itself, the product of this 2 values is the result of the temperature reducing
The hotter of the weather and the better operating of the cooling wet curtain owning to its stable cooling efficiency.

Water Circulatory system
consisting water pump, water supply and return pipe route and water tank etc. Mainly to get the curtain wetted evenly according to the required circulatory water volume and make sure the water leaking volume and balance the mineralizing level of the circulatory water, maintaining the high cooling efficiency of the wet curtain.

Operation Principle
The outside air"s temperature is reduced after going through the cooling wet curtain (the inlet temperature is the lowest) and increased after going through the workshop (the outlet temperature is te highest). The temperature difference of the inlet and outlet air can be controlled within 30 degrees according to the above design.

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